FAQ & Event Policies

Where is The Tuscan Center Located?

The Tuscan Center is in the Midtown Square Mall at 3333 West Division Street. For room rental information or for showings please see Midtown Mall Management and Tuscan Sales Office in Suite 116 located in the middle of the mall near the glass elevator and staircase.

Does The Tuscan Center decorate for weddings or other events?

No, The Tuscan Center is not responsible for decorating.  This can be hired out or completed by the customer.

What does The Tuscan Center do regarding room setup?

The Tuscan Center will set up tables, chairs and a stage to your desired specifications.

Does The Tuscan Center offer linen service?

No, all linens are provided through the catering companies.

Do you allow outside food?

All food and liquor must be brought in through one of our licensed catering companies. No outside food is allowed except for desserts.

Do you charge for the use of the stage?

Yes, the stage is $25 per section and comes in 8 sections.

What is parking like?

We have a plethora of free onsite parking on all four sides of the building. Click here to see our parking guide. 

What is the best door for guests to enter in?

When explaining where your guests should park it is best to tell them to park on the West entrance near STA-Fit and come in from there as that lot has the largest amount of parking available.  All rooms are located on the East end of the building, except for Suite 119 which is in the center of the mall next to the staircase and glass elevator. Click here for a parking guide. 

Are there hotels nearby?

Yes, St. Cloud has several hotels in the area. Please check our Local Attractions page for a list.

How can I reserve a room?

You can reserve a room by calling 320-774-1701 or by emailing tuscancenter@gmail.com.

Are candles allowed?

No, the Tuscan Center does not allow open flames.  Many will bring in the small LED candles for their use and they are reusable!

Does The Tuscan Center decorate for holidays?

The Tuscan Center decorates for Christmas starting the week after Thanksgiving.

What does The Tuscan Center allow for the use of decorating?

The Tuscan Center allows the use of scotch tape but does not allow the use of command strips. If draping items from the ceiling, you are not permitted to hang anything on any of the sprinkler lines or heating vents.  For any questions concerning our decorating policies, please reach out to The Tuscan Center at 320-774-1701 or tuscancenter@gmail.com.

What does The Tuscan Center offer for AV equipment?

Each room comes with different amenities. See Room Information for details. If a portable projector is needed, one will be provided upon request for an additional charge. The Tuscan Center requests that if you are presenting, you stop in prior to your event to check all AV equipment with presenter’s laptop. The Tuscan Center is not responsible for special adaptors, laser pointers or wireless presentation remotes. Extension cords may be available upon request.

Does The Tuscan Center have Wi-Fi?

Yes, we provide free Wi-Fi.  Please ask for the password prior to your event.

What timeframe does The Tuscan Center allow for setup and teardown?

Ideally, we’d like you to include that time when booking your room, but we realize that some events might require more time than others. If the space is available, the day before and the day after the event you can request for extra time. If there are events already scheduled prior to or after your event we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

What is the earliest the building is open?

The Tuscan Center is located within Midtown Square, which opens at 6AM daily.

How long can we rent space for?

The rooms can be rented in either half day or full day increments up until 8PM. You have the availability to stay until midnight for an additional fee.

Is the electronic billboard available to advertise on?

Yes, the electronic billboard is available to advertise on. Please call or email The Tuscan Center for pricing 320-774-1701 or tuscancenter@gmail.com.

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